Sunday, March 23, 2014


Porch and deck....:)
The dinning room now. Tissue on top brown paper on the bottom...:) Close up of tissue and brown paper bag texture.....:)

LOVE my table....:)

 Tissue on ceiling also.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wow ok I guess its time to update this blog, been about 9 months. Was so busy all year haven't done a lot in the house.All three boys and I did 6 weeks staff at boy scout summer camp then went to Louisiana for a lil over a week, after that Aaron left for Washington and leaves for Iraq tomorrow, so we had a lot to do with him, and all summer.Also had family evacuees from hurricane and had to shift work area around a bit, but hey got a lot done
First here is the living room painted (I know its blue lol) after I tissued it (white pic) and the lower is brown it!I still have to add the molding on to separate the blue and brown and the crown molding.

Have the fans and lights installed in living room now also.

Last were starting on porch!!!!

More later when I get a chance to get more pics....Hugs

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Here is the completed kitchen sink with the overhead pot hanger I made. The log is a log we found in the river while we were doing the lake clean up for Boy Scouts. A beaver had chewed it down and it was still very solid. I just had Blake saw off one end to look sorta like a beaver chewed on that end also, I stained it, clear coated it, then Blake drilled holes for me to add the hard wear I painted black. Aaron hung it, holds 8 pots or huh? I also added a shelf I made above the window to hold pretties and a light. Bathroom counter is all finished sink and faucet installed. All the parts are in for the tub we shall install it during the holidays after we get back from Texas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone....Hugs

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WOW! It;s been 3 months since I last posted...I have heard this from many people...Sorry guys but I was just burnt out....Soooooooo I took a break.....I needed it to! Took several trips to Memphis, 1 to Mississippi and 1 to Louisiana....We also camped out every weekend in October and 1 in November for Boy Scouts. Wyatt and Blake both advanced to Life so they have to do their service project and wait 6 months then their Eagles! YAY! I really didn't have time to work on the house much less post. But I'm home now and back to work. We have 1 more camping trip this weekend, then we shall work till Christmas beings all my shopping's done, and all my out of state gifts are delivered....:)....Now to what we've done since summer....I had bought a porcelain white sink for my kitchen but had to purchase a different one because we couldn't find a stainless band to attach it to the counter top, new one's a stainless sink, bigger, but not as pretty so i settled for bigger....I had to redo the tile on the counter top because it was to big and we had to cut the counter, when I tried to cut the tile away it all lifted. Not a big deal but time consuming. I did this during the Thanksgiving holidays...uggggg...but now the kitchen sink and counter top are complete! ( Only thing left in Kitchen to do is chink a 1/2 wall, and put up the crown molding ). The master bath now has the tub I refinished in it but we are waiting on the hard wear to finish the install. I have added the last top coat of sealer to the master bath counter top and have to wait 2 weeks to install the sink. Other than that chinking is all that's left in this room. Master bedroom needs closet doors and chinking to be complete. I built my closet and Randy built his, I will build the doors, I will try to complete this task this week. Randy and the boys did the last part of the ceiling that needed to be completed upstairs ( Wyatt's room )over the holidays also. Then Blake insulated the attic part of that ceiling and a few other areas in attic to finish that off.